IT support in three steps…


We are the company of few people who love computers, software and troubles!
Yes, we are fans of troubles! Well, we know that most of people do not like troubles, with all the IT stuff at all.
So, we are made for each other!

Thanks to this page you can get your IT support for free. What do you have to do to get a professional IT support?

Just follow those three steps:

  1. Download our Teamviewer application
  2. Run downloaded application, wait few seconds till ID is shown.
  3. Send us detials like your Teamviewer ID. There is no need to send the password, because only we know it. Teamviewer is completely safe for you. You should also write something about your problem. After few seconds or minutes, depending on the availability of our specialists, one of us will connect with your computer and help you. You can use formular below or send e-mail to at

Well, if you are satisfied you can donate us with PayPal. That’s all…


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